Ruskin Park MonokuListen now (5 min) | It’s a well worn opinion that writing poetry is not always good for your mental wellbeing. That may be the case but writing haiku has always been a boon to my mental health. All a haiku really requires is that you notice and occupy a moment in the world and…
No, you are not an inconsequential blip within the vast fabric of the cosmosListen now (4 min) | You have no doubt already seen the first high-res shots of the universe taken by the the James Webb Space Telescope. The universe…
THE REAL MAN SELF-IMPROVEMENT PLANListen now (3 min) | A silly advert for a male empowerment course inspired this poem
Talky blog - Should The Matrix Resurrections Exist?Listen now (31 min) | A transcript of some out-loud musing on the new Matrix. Spoilers ahoy.
My favourite podcast of 2021 - You Don’t KnowListen now (4 min) | In terms of work that functioned as a product of and antidote to the pandemic, one of my favourite projects of 2021 was the…
Auld Lang SomethingListen now (1 min) | A poem about being old and boring on New Year’s Eve
The Aesthetics of ResentmentListen now (1 min) | A poem
NFTs and the Mona Lisa CurseListen now (8 min) | Why making art of value is more than just making yourself scarce
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