Who am I?

I am a poet, editor, podcaster, event host, university lecturer and streamer. I am not good enough at any of these things to do them full time so I go the Jack of All Trades route instead. My semi-regular podcast, Rusty Sonnets, where I read out and analyse old poems, will be rising from its slumber soon. I also live-stream every Wednesday on my YouTube channel, live writing poems while playing video games. Before the pandemic, I hosted London’s longest-running poetry open mic, Poetry Unplugged from 2005-2020. I have no idea when, or if Poetry Unplugged will return once it is safe enough to do so. I have a few books of poetry published by Flipped Eye, the latest being my New and Selected, Werewolf of London. I also teach poetry at London Metropolitan University.

What am I wittering on about?

Blogging isn’t exactly some big new invention. We all seemed to do it once upon a time, before the social networks gave us a method for getting things off our chest and garnering an immediate response. I guess that’s the motivation for this newsletter. I’ve been rabbiting on about poetry, films, video games and the ways of the world on social media for quite a while but wanted to get back into blogging, into more thought out and less reactive content. I’ll post poems on here too. I’ve never been one for waiting for acceptances from magazines, stuffing an unwanted poem into a new envelope and sending it to the next place. I’ll also be audible too, with a sound file for every entry that can be followed via its own rss feed like a podcast if you wanted to consume things that way instead. I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

Why subscribe?

If you subscribe, you’ll get each post sent straight to your inbox. Hopefully a poem, an analysis of a poem, or a bit of cultural commentary will bring a bit of variety and randomness to your day. I won’t be posting during weekends (unless a new episode of Rusty Sonnets drops) and will probably create 3-4 posts a week so I hopefully won’t put too much of a strain on your inbox. I will not share anybody’s email with any third parties nor will I use them for any kind of self promotion. You’ll get 3-4 substacks a week and that’s it.

Right now, I am not planning to charge anything for this blog. I’ll probably enable an optional subscription for anyone that wants contribute when I’ve created more content. I don’t want to paywall anything so I can’t see myself shutting the blog off to anyone that just happens to be skint. I like the “model based on soundness” philosophy that Blindboy adopts for his Patreon. If you can afford it and want to help, great. Think of it as something like being me a coffee or a pint if you bumped into me. You’re helping to pay for it so that those that can’t afford it can read and listen to it too.

If you enjoy any of my stuff, be it the blog, the stream or the podcast, and want to support it without committing to a regular subscription, you can throw a digital penny into my virtual tipping cup via my Ko-fi page.