Some thoughts about the past, present and future of poetry on the internet

December 2022

Rusty Niall Podcast #4Listen now (60 min) | Thoughts on social media, sharing work online and lots of clock card poems.
Do good writers need to hate the act of writing?

November 2022

Misadventures in digital voice cloning.
Rusty Niall Podcast #3Listen now (45 min) | The theme-park-ification of art galleries, a few poems and a little composition at the end.
A note of hope, a note of caution and the return of my clock card poems
Oh look, the post I would have shared on Halloween if I had finished it on time.

October 2022

Twitter again. Yeah, I know…
A yarn inspired by my last blog
On accessible open worlds and inaccessible cities
it proper chucked it down last night & i appear to be less preoccupied with the japanese maples & the show that they put on around this time | before…
On how stories of monarchy are often more effective than stories of healthy democracy